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Cassandra is a girl like any other, traipsing through life unaware that it's her ordinary-ness that makes her extraordinary.

Book series and character saga for middle grade through college years

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An angel and demon fantasy series where good is evil and evil is good and the chains that bind may be the only thing that can save heaven from hell, and it's all up to Jace. The daughter of hell.

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When your biggest worry is how to sneak out and date your hot english boyfriend, it's more than a little shocking to See a prophecy of his death. and learn the only way to stop it is to take the place of an egyptian goddess. 

Who says it's easy being a teenager?

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A night at the mall turns in a terrifying twist of events, when Jaci and her friends witness a crime. 

Forced into situations that high school, sports, and boyfriends never prepared them for, they will have to dig deep to escape their pursuers when they don't know who to trust. . .

Vella's & Serialized Fiction

by Tamara Hart Heiner

Kindle Vella. This is my jam right now. Read episodic books on your phone while you stand in line somewhere.

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Vendetta Review Tamara Hart Heiner

"I loved the whole series. I couldn't get enough of these books. All the characters just pull you in so much and I was so happy about the ending!"

Cassandra Jones S6 Review Tamara Hart Heiner

"These are reads you can feel good about.

I love that Cassie has a good family, and her troubles are the kind we'd like to see kids handling. It's refreshing and relevant."

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