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Author Tamara Hart Heiner

I live in beautiful northwest Arkansas in a big blue castle with two princesses and two princes, a handsome king, and several loyal cats (and one dog). I fill my days with slaying dragons at traffic lights, earning stars at Starbucks, and sparring with the dishes. I also enter the amazing magical kingdom of my mind to pull out stories...

Writing Light

into the Darkness

What's New?

All 4 books in my Guardian Angel Academy series are available now!!!


Evil exists. I know—I was created from it.

But somehow, I was given a chance at redemption. Somehow, I got enrolled here. And somehow, I have to prove myself worthy of my angel wings.

Or I'll get sent back where I came from.


What People Are Saying:

Vendetta Review Tamara Hart Heiner

"I loved the whole series. I couldn't get enough of these books. All the characters just pull you in so much and I was so happy about the ending!"

Shades of Raven review Tamara Hart Heiner

"The flow of the story was easy to keep up with. I found myself rooting for them and their happily ever after. Everyone deserves to be loved. I highly recommend this book."

Cassandra Jones S6 Review Tamara Hart Heiner

"These are reads you can feel good about.

I love that Cassie has a good family, and her troubles are the kind we'd like to see kids handling. It's refreshing and relevant."

Mission Statement
Image by Josh Boot
Mission curve@4x.png

     It began years ago when a friend helped me see an overarching theme in everything I write: social issues. But another writer helped me see that this is more than a writing preference: it's a calling. And it's one I should embrace because of the lives I can touch and change. Even when I try to write light and happy, the darker themes peek through.

     Because the reality is, I see the dark things in life. I've experienced the dark things in life. And when I'm writing, I want to shed light on these hard topics. I write into the darkness so I can give it light and hope and redemption. I want to show people who have walked in the darkness that they are not alone and there is light! And I want to show those who have never experienced darkness that they can still have empathy and compassion and understanding for people walking through the darkness.

Maybe they can even be that light.

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