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The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones

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Southwest Cougars Year 2
Episode 4: Changing Game Plans

It's time to show her hand.

Cassie's been playing with fire for months, trying to lose weight so she can be beautiful and thin enough to be popular. But how much is too much?

When her dieting starts to affect her health, even Cassie gets scared enough to admit there's a problem. Will she be able to change, or is she stuck on this downward path?

Cassandra Jones is Sweet Valley Twins for today's generation. Written with the humor and insight found in Diary of a Wimpy Kid but with the sensitivity about social issues like that from R.J. Palacio's Wonder, Cassandra Jones is a series every preteen and older can relate to and is written especially for inquisitive readers ages 10-14.

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