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Goddess of Fate:
Book 1


Death is terrible. I know—I've died hundreds of times.

Not me, exactly, but each time I enter the soul of a person about to die, I die with them. Over and over again.

And I can't stop it, no matter what I do. I keep trying, but each failure makes me hate my life and this cursed ability to See a little more.

But now there's a serial killer in my home town, and I've Seen the path of destruction he's about to set out on. Even worse—somehow he knows I've Seen.

I don't need to be able to See the future to know I'm on his list.

Suddenly, dying is personal. And I've got to find a way to change what's coming before it's too late for me.

Before even my death is inevitable.

Welcome to The Goddess of Fate series.

Inevitable is the first book in an exciting teen/YA paranormal urban fantasy series with a slow-burn romance that delves deeper into mythology and magic with each book. Perfect for fans of Supernatural, Dark Angel Academy, The Girl in the Box, and Marked.

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