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Go deeper into the world of the Guardian Angel Academy with the Year 1: Renegade, Guardian Angel Academy book box!


This book box includes an autographed copy Year 1:Renegade the 1st book in the Guardian Angel Academy series! The box includes a handwritten letter from the author and a collection of gifts to open while you read!

The angels call us Renegades. We call ourselves the Forsaken. Because we were abandoned by heaven and all celestial beings, subjected to live in misery in hell. But I managed to enter the Guardian Angel Academy.

➣ Leather notebook like Jez would have used

➣ Your choice of an elemental candle representing one of the four angelic powers

➣ Tamara's custom tea blend to enjoy while you read

➣ An 8" x 11" poster of the two main characters

➣ Character Tarot Cards of twelve characters from the book series

➣ Surprise packages to open as you read

➣ Exclusive Gaurdian Angel Academy stickers

➣ Custom Guardian Angel postcard to send to your favorite fan
➣ Handwritten letter from the author Tamara Hart Heiner
➣Autographed paperback of Year 1: RENEGADE, GUARDIAN ANGEL ACADEMY SERIES

Book Box - Year 1: Renegade, Guardian Angel Academy

Candle Element
  • Due to the nature of these limited availability boxes and the perishable products included returns are not allowed.

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