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Take a deep breath and prepare to experience the first year of high school through the eyes of Cassandra Jones, because SPRINGDALE BULLDOGS YEAR 1: AGE 15 book boxes are here!


This book box includes an autographed copy of the full 6th season of Cassandra Jones! Get the DRAMATIC, emotional, humorous read that will have you laughing out loud and reaching for tissues as you flip through the pages, living the life of an ordinary teenage girl. The box includes a huge collection of gifts to open while you read and book swag!

She could be the girl next door. She could be your best friend. She could be the babysitter. There’s nothing special about Cassandra Jones. She wants what every girl wants: friends, love, acceptance. But high school is the wrong place to find it.

🔶Cassandra’s sticker-covered poetry notebook with her thoughts and poems in it
🔶Extraordinarily ordinary loose-leaf tea to sip while reading the book
🔶A gourmet, everything-goes chocolate bar
🔶A custom jasmine-scented candle in Cassandra’s favorite colors to relax to
🔶Six wrapped packages to open as you read the book and go along with the story
🔶Untold secrets in an author letter
🔶Autographed paperback of SPRINGDALE BULLDOGS YEAR 1: AGE 15

New Release Book Box - Springdale Bulldogs: Year 1

  • Due to the nature of these limited availability boxes and the perishable products included returns are not allowed.

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