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You can purchase this book from your favorite retailer or purchase here and receive it autographed and shipped by the author!


This product is to purchase an autographed paperback copy of The Epic Misadventures of Caden Parker - Old High Knights Year 1 - Episode 5: Dictionary Troubles


When Caden's class has a spelling bee challenge, he accidentally discovers something he's good at: spelling!


He and his best friend continue to the next round and spend the next three weeks trying to out-do one another for the school spelling bee.

But then the big day finally arrives, and one thing is for sure: there can only be one winner. Will it be Caden? How will he handle it if it's not?


For readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog-Man, and Dork Diaries comes a hysterical new series about being a kid . . . and all of the consequences.

Old High Knights Year 1: Episode 5: Dictionary Troubles

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