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You can purchase this book from your favorite retailer or purchase here and receive it autographed and shipped by the author herself!


This product is to purchase an autographed paperback copy of The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones - Southwest Cougars Year 1 - Episode 5 Coming up Empty


She's just an ordinary girl. But seventh grade is Cassie's year to shine.


Cassandra's seventh-grade school year is turning out to be a hot mess: she's trying to stay on top of assignments, home activities, and her passions. Instead of being on top, though, she feels she's quickly falling to the bottom.

Something has to give before Cassie can't do it anymore. Because it feels like all her strength is gone, and she's coming up empty. Will Cassie find the right balance, or will the stress of this year finally defeat her?

Southwest Cougars Year 1: Episode 5: Coming up Empty

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