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You can purchase this book from your favorite retailer or purchase here and receive it autographed and shipped by the author herself! 


This product is to purchase an autographed paperback copy of The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones - Southwest Cougars Year 3 - Episodes 1-6


She's claimed her place.

And she will fight to keep it.

The final year of junior high.

This is it.


Cassie has it made. She's got a boyfriend, is finally in the popular crowd, and her school year looks like it will be fabulous. She's a cool kid, and she feels on top of the world.


On top of that, Cassie decides she wants to be an actress, an author, and a musician.


And then . . . the boyfriend decides to find someone else. And her best friends start looking for cooler people. And her advanced classes take up all her free time.


Jump in and join Cassie on the newest and most exciting adventure yet: surviving ninth grade!


Contains: Episodes 1-6


Episode 1: Never Been Kissed

Episode 2: Rebound and Glory

Episode 3: Kiss and Tell

Episode 4: Masquerade

Epsiode 5: Super Star

Episode 6: Crushing It

Southwest Cougars Year 3: Six books in one

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