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You can purchase this book from your favorite retailer or purchase here and receive it autographed and shipped by the author herself! 


This product is to purchase an autographed paperback copy of Year 3: Rebellion, Guardian Angel Academy


I wasn’t created to feel. Certainly not to love.

But I did. I fell in love with an angel, and I lost him.

I have no hope of winning him back, but I will spend this year proving to him—and to myself—that I am not the same creature who destroyed his father.

This is my third year. The year I become a Guardian in Training and receive an earthly assignment, something I’ve been anticipating for two years.

But something more sinister is afoot, something the archangels have been waiting for a thousand years.

The Great War has begun.

And Darkness is seeping into every crevice of the earth.

Including Arcadia.


Welcome to Guardian Angel Academy.

Year 3: Rebellion, Guardian Angel Academy

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