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Eureka in Love Series

She's not looking for a man. And he's not looking for a family. But somehow, they find each other.

Ever since Amber found herself a single mom, she's struggled to provide the comforts of life for her and her young daughter. When the opportunity to become co-owner of the wedding planning company she works for arises, Amber knows it's just what she needs to set herself up as an independent woman.

Of course she doesn't count on Tyson, the local hotel manager who sweeps her off her feet. Amber is the kind of girl he's always dreamed of: smart, responsible, and capable of doing any task put in front of her. The only thing he didn't include in his plan was a kid.

While Amber fights against her independent nature, Tyson fights against his feelings of inadequacy. Will they be able to pull together and make their pieces a whole?

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